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Human Resources

Businesses that are able to focus on their core functions are clearly more profitable and efficient than those that do not. More and more, businesses outsource to professional firms those tasks that are time-consuming, costly, difficult to manage, or simply do not add value to the company’s product or service. 

Custom Fit Programs

Through a careful needs analysis, your Windsor Business Development Professional will work with you to discover your unique needs and solve critical issues. Each business solution is custom made for the client based around the core model for your industry. The relationship with Windsor is a proactive partnership that evolves as the needs of your company grow and change. 

Human Resources Services

Human Resources issues and obligations are becoming increasingly complicated and time consuming. Although important, these activities detract from your primary focus of building your business. These activities are time consuming and rife with risk and liability. 

Windsor’s workforce management solution allows you to focus on growth and profitability while we provide the resources and expertise to effectively utilize your workforce. 

Some of our Key HR Services:

• Performance Appraisals 

• Performance Management 

• HR Policy Development 

• Employee Handbook Development 

• Management Training on HR Issues 

• Employee File Maintenance & Storage 

• Pre-Employment Physicals

• New Hire Administration

• New Hire Information Packets

• Pre-Employment Drug Testing

• Post-Accident Drug Testing

• Background Checks

• Customized Personnel Forms

• Wage & Hour Audit Administration

• Unemployment Administration

...and much more

Windsor HR’s Claims Management and Risk Control Associates follow a unique partnership approach to risk mitigation with one unified goal – reducing your cost of risk.

As a small or medium sized business, you have less buying power than large corporations with thousands of employees, and are at the mercy of market rates and your loss record.


For the typical small business with fewer than 100 employees, one large claim or multiple small claims over the course of a year can result in significant costs caused by lost productivity and long term rate increases. Even with all of your hard work to keep your Modification Factor (Mod.) low, there is no guarantee against an accident happening tomorrow and ruining your spotless record. 

As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Windsor provides Workers’ Compensation coverage to thousands of employees, diluting the effect of individual claims on your group’s cost of coverage. This allows Windsor HR to keep your rates stable and affordable. 

Our Approach

With an aggressive claims management department, we will work together with you and your employees to control claims, improve safety, and reduce your overall cost of risk. Unlike an independent agent or insurance agency, what happens at your business affects our rates, so you have a built in guarantee that we will work to manage your claims effectively and help your employees recover from accidents and return to work as quickly as possible. 

Custom Made Programs 

The needs and obligations of a company with 10 employees are very different from those of an organization with 500 employees. Accordingly, the program we implement for each client is tailor fit to their requirements. The program is custom made for you, it is a “living” relationship that evolves as risks and needs change. Because we fit our program to your needs, and do not force you into a pre-set plan, you and your employees know they are receiving the best protection possible, backed by a professional team of experts. 

Risk Control and Claims Services 

Timeliness and accuracy of accident reporting, a return to work program, risk mitigation program development, and training are all vital to keeping your employees safe and productive. With your support team at Windsor, you and your employees no longer have to struggle with the reporting requirements and time consuming tasks following an accident. 

This is when you most need the ability to regroup and focus your efforts towards your strategic goals and the bigger picture. Let your claims management professionals at Windsor HR Services relieve you of the paperwork, investigations, phone calls and reporting required when an injury accident happens.

WHRS’s Claims Management and Risk Control Associates are experts in managing exposure to Workers’ Compensation risks.

Workers’ Compensation and Risk Control Services: 

• OSHA 300 Log Preparation & Reporting

• Expedited Certificate of Insurance  Delivery

• Post Accident Drug Testing

• Accident Reporting

• Risk Management Program Development

• Risk Management Program Auditing

• Scheduled Location Service

• Injury Review Process

Claims Management Services:

• Development of Special Claims    Management Procedures

• Administration and Filing of all Claims

• Establishing Claims Best Practices

• Light Duty Work Programs

Workers' Compensation Insurance
Benefits Solutions

Better Benefits. Satisfied Employees. Improved Productivity.

The purpose of any benefits program is to attract and retain key talent, and Windsor's process and options deliver for you and your team so they can focus on the task  at hand.


Constantly increasing benefits costs, mountains of paperwork, liability issues, and constant employee questions are a few of the challenges that come with self administering a benefits program.

Windsor BenefitChoice© 

Windsor BenefitChoice© allows you to offer a top of the line benefits package that will help you attract and retain quality employees, improve workforce productivity, and increase your overall profitability. 

Major Medical Plans 

Windsor coordinates your group’s health plan with the carrier and plan type to best fit your group's needs and meet the price point that will encourage participation and utilization, keeping your employees healthy and engaged. 

Available plan types:

• Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
• Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
• Point of Service (POS)
• High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs)
• Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)


Windsor HR Services serves you as a strategic partner in more areas than HR, Risk Management, Benefits, and Payroll. Our 401(k) plan is a key element to you and your employee’s financial future. The 401(k) and Roth 401(k) are no longer an optional benefit if you want to attract and retain the talent that it will take to create the competitive advantage you need to compete. This presents the challenge of finding, implementing and administering a cost effective and legally compliant plan. Your partnership with Windsor overcomes these hurdles for you with our multiple employer plan design, investment performance and service. 

Investment Platform:

The highly rated funds that make up the 401(k) plan have been carefully selected for rating, expenses and stability of the fund. The overall platform utilizes funds with varied investment styles such as blend, value and growth. For the Novice Investor Participants who are not familiar with investing and assessing risk can select an asset-allocated portfolio that matches their risk tolerance and investment strategy. We offer three distinct portfolios for aggressive, moderate, and conservative investors as well as investment advice from certified investment advisors. 

Complete Administration Services:

• 401(k) Contributions
• IRA Contributions
• Compliance Testing
• IRS Form 5500
• Distributions
• Loans
• Terminations
• Participant Inquiries
• Investment Advice
• Investment Allocations
• Internet Accessibility
• Integrated Client Web Site Access
• Toll Free 800 Number
• Participant Statements
• 401(k) Email Express
• E-Statements
• Eligible Participant Notification 


Windsor's Payroll and Payroll Tax Administration Associates follow our unique partnership approach to handling your payroll and payroll tax needs.

Serving as a payroll processor and uncompensated tax collector for the government was not one of your goals when you started your company. Tedious and time consuming at best, payroll administration can prove to be a substantial liability when it comes to tax compliance, filing, and reporting.

Our Approach

As the foundation of the services Windsor provides, the payroll provider relationship is what enables us to offer the range of services and benefits programs we do, as well as the ability to eliminate most of your employee related liabilities.

Custom Made Programs 

Windsor’s Certified Payroll Professionals and our state of the art payroll and tax administration software allows us the flexibility to tailor make your administrative solution. No matter the schedule, deductions, changes or quirks that may be involved in your process, we can provide you with the best solution for your needs. 

Payroll Administration Services 

Let’s face it, you would be hard pressed to find a single company that gains any profit by administering their own payroll and filing their own taxes. Even payroll providers don’t make money when they are completing their own administration. By allowing Windsor HR Services to complete the task of payroll administration for your company, you and your staff have more time to focus on the tasks that generate revenue and keep your clients happy. 

Exceptional Results 

We know that when all is said and done, it really comes down to RESULTS, and we deliver. This quality of service is why when a client joins the Windsor family, they stay, which is why we have one of the highest client retention rates in the industry.

Payroll Reporting & Taxes We File on your Behalf: 

Each Payday:

• Federal Tax Liabilities and Deposits
• State Tax Liabilities and Deposits
• Local Tax Liabilities and Deposits 

Each Quarter:

• Federal Tax Deposit Form 941
• State Quarterly Wage Reports
• State Unemployment Tax Reports
• State Withheld Income Tax Reconciliation
• Local Withheld Income Tax Reconciliation 

Each Year:

• Federal Unemployment Tax Form 940
• State Annual Tax Reconciliation
• Local Annual Tax Reconciliation
• Wage and Tax Statements (W-2)
• W-2 tape-list report
• W-3 Transmittal Wage & Tax Statement

Windsor HR's Compliance Administration associates follow a unique partnership approach to Human Resources and Regulatory Compliance Administration with one unified goal – reducing your cost of administration.

With Windsor HR's  proactive strategies and guidance through the constantly changing legal and regulatory environment - we help you stay compliant and protect you from costly and unforgiving fines. 

Our Approach 

From day one, through our initial HR Audit period, we’re working together with you to address any compliance issues and establish best practices in an effort to reduce your overall compliance and regulatory burden. 

Custom Fit Programs

Following a careful needs analysis, your Windsor HR expert will work with you to ensure all compliance issues are addressed. Depending on the needs of your organization, we will provide everything from a compliance employee handbook to on site compliance training that will protect your employees and your company.

Compliance Administration Services:

• Employee File Maintenance

• Reduction of Majority of Liability

• Immigration Service Reviews

• Legal & Regulatory Compliance

• Individual Employment Rights Matters

• COBRA Administration

• Compliance Training

• Safety Training & Certifications

Regulatory Compliance







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